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About commonwealthug

CPAUG is a non-governmental organization founded in June 2005 and formally registered in Uganda in December 2005 as an NGO to promote the Commonwealth in Uganda and in April 2008 as a company limited by Guarantee. CPAUG is headed by an Executive Committee and is run by a Secretariat of four full time staff headed by the Executive Director. CPAUG in the last six (6) years has been implementing several programmes focusing on information advocacy with the target being young people in and out of school. The organization works in collaboration with key stakeholders in government, civil society, academia and the private sector. Its main source of funding is grants and donation complimented by membership fees and contributions from the directors. The main funders over the past have been DANIDA (2008), GoU represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2010), the Commonwealth Foundation (2008 & 2011), the UBUNTU Foundation (2009-2010), the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (2009), UCC (2007), UNDP Uganda (2008), NDA (2012). The GoU has been very supportive to our initiatives over the years. The main sectors of operation of CPAUG are: promoting of the values of the Commonwealth focusing on information advocacy. We do this through debates, workshops, lectures, mini-youth summits and seminars; promotion of the UN system (MDGs), the Commonwealth; areas of target being human rights, good governance, policy advocacy, youth empowerment, skills development through ICT4D, health systems (malaria and nutrition), climate change and the environment and network building and the target groups are mainly the youth in and out of school, rural women, local governments, private sector and the media. Its membership stands at 264 as per June 2012 both individual and institutions. CPAUG is working in Uganda and collaborates with other youth actors (NGOs) in the East African region (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi) and its been the lead NGO on taking stock of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Tunis 2005 outcomes and the Geneva 2003 Action Plan in Uganda since 2007 as a global coordinator of the UN GAID Community of Expertise on Youth Social Technopreneurship (GAID-CoE) since 2008 that replaced the WSIS Youth Caucus.

#Slowdown goes to Gulu district

On 29th June 2017 the “Save Live #Slowdown”  campaign went to Gulu district targeting school children and the event was held at El-Shadai Primary School. The pupils  learnt the ABC of road safety and the main causes of road crashes.  At the end, the children signed the pledge forms committing to abide by the do’s and not’s of road safety while on the roads.



Events in Gulu District 29th-30th June 2017

World Drugs Day 2017

the #CommonwealthUganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate the #WorldDrugsDay2017 in Gulu with a pre-youth mini-forum on drugs & substance abuse as a precursor to the Sept. 2017 Northern Uganda 3rd Drugs & Substance Youth Forum with the theme “Listen First.  The National Drug Authority & New VISION Group school Essay competition on drugs and substance abuse was promoted to the students.




World Speech Day 2017 Series in Gulu District

The Commonwealth Association-Uganda shall hold a Speech Day event for primary school children in Gulu on 29th June, 2017 at MOTHER LUDIA PRIMARY SCHOOL The event aims at building a cadre of young people as world orators on key national and global development themes. In 2017, the series shall be focusing on the Commonwealth, United Nations, Uganda VISION 2040 & Uganda’s road map to middle income status 2020.

4 speakers 4 classes 200 participants @MOTHER LUDIA PRIMARY SCHOOL, Gulu District in Northern Uganda.

Next shall be Eastern region in Mbale District in July, August Central Region and September in Western Uganda, Kabale district.

To participate or contribute to the campaign contact

The Commonwealth Association –Uganda Email:

See Website:


Commonwealth Association-Uganda to celebrate the World Drugs Day 2017 in Gulu District with the theme: “Listen First”

The Association shall join the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking that is globally held on 26 June each year. The event shall be held on 29th June 2017 in Gulu District targeting secondary school students at  Pope John Paul II College, Gulu District with a Drug and Substance Abuse student’s competition managed by the National Drug Authority (NDA).

As we commemorate the World Drugs Day 2017, care must be taken that the problem has become so rampant and our youth are the soft targets. Most of them think is cool to take drugs and as parents there is need to wake up and play our cardinal role of nurturing the youth. The UN has set 2019 as a target date to achieve measures that address demand and supply reduction, and to improve access to controlled medicines while preventing diversion; areas of human rights, youth, children, women and communities; emerging challenges, including new psychoactive substances; strengthening international cooperation; and alternative development all leading to the attainment of proportionate national sentencing policies and practices for drug-related offences, and features a strong focus on prevention and treatment.

According to the 2016 Word Drug Report, drug trafficking accounted to billions of dollars amounting to over $88 billion.  The same report states that studies done in some countries including Uganda have found that a range of narcotic drugs, psychoactive substances and other substances, such as opiates, khat, benzodiazepines and alcohol, contributed to wide reaching health, social and protection problems hence leading to mental health problems.

The purpose of the celebrations is to create awareness among the youth about the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.

To participate or contribute to the campaign contact

The Commonwealth Association –Uganda Email: or National Drug Authority (NDA) email: wats app: 256 712 001 199

See website:


The 4th UN Global Road Safety 2017 Campaign in Uganda launched, by State Minister for Transport, Uganda

State Minister for Transport, Hon. Vincent Bagiire calls for the promotion of safer and reliable road networks in Uganda to achieve middle income status. During the official launch of the 4 th UN Global Road safety 2017 campaign in Uganda with a theme save live, slowdown, the Minister of State for works highlighted the dangers of speed as the number one cause of road traffic injuries. He said that the government of Uganda as a signatory to the UN Decade of Action for Road safety, 2020 committed itself to the five pillars of the Decade and the country is making strides in improving the road networks to ease the movement pf goods and people inland and across borders but the focus must be put on having our road safe. Though Uganda’s loses 5% of its GDP due to road crashes, efforts are being made to see that the country continues to address such with efforts like Fika Salaama that since inception have yielded some results through the enforcing speed limits on key major highways this translating into change in the driver behavior while on the road.

Speaking at the same function, held on 26 th May, 2017 in Kampala, the WHO country representative Dr. Jack Abdoulie said that the UN has since the proclamation of the Decade been working with the Uganda government in providing technical support and this shall be continuous as road crashes have had far reaching consequences on achieving the global development goals. Dr. Abdoulie was impressed by the enthusiasm of young people by interesting themselves in the road safety campaigns. The function attracted several participants and it was graced by the team from the office of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Road safety that was carrying out a road safety performance review in Uganda after such assignment in Cameroon.

The national country campaign is led by members of the Civil Society coalition on Transport is running until November 2017, shall be covering 12 districts across the country focusing on the dangers of speed on the road for all users.

Co-authored by:
Kiapi K. Freddie, Tom Bumuheire & Sam Bambanza
Members of the Civil Society Coalition on Transport

Up coming Events Feb.-April 2017

2017 will see the Commonwealth Association-Uganda (CPAUG) host the following youth events in Uganda from February-April 2017.

  1. The Official launch of the Commonwealth Life Skills Initiative #CSKILLS4U in Mbale co-organized by the Uganda National Parental Forum -UGAPAF-Stakeholders’ Forum on National Issues from a parental perspective Parental Roles in Values Empowerment (PROVE-Uganda) that seeks to build a strong bond of society through parenting, and Bangoma Integrated Development Association-BIDA a farmers advocacy group based in Mbale. The launch will take place on 10th Feb. 2017 starting at 9am-1245pm @UMU-Mbale Campus. Focus is on the youth and Uganda’s middle income status 2020 vis-a-vis Uganda VISION 2040.
  2. The  3rd NMS Health Lecture dubbed “the Population & Health Youth Summit” to be held in Kabale at St. Mary’s College on 10th March 2017 starting at 9am -4pm with a Parents/Teachers Session and a students summit.
  3. The Commonwealth Peace Week 2017 to celebrate the 2017 Commonwealth Day starting from 13th-18th March 2017 in Uganda. This years theme is “A Peace-building Commonwealth: Promoting SDG 16.”
  4. The Commonwealth Life Skills Youth Camp 2017 for secondary, university and other tertiary institutions students on 7th-8th April 2017 in Mbale at Nkoma SSS-Mbale district starting t 9am-5pm each day. Focus is on the youth and Uganda’s middle income status 2020 vis-a-vis Uganda VISION 2040, SDGs (UN Agenda 2030).                    For details please do contact CPAUG Secretariat Tel: 256 414-577017 Email: 

CPAUG to host The 3rd Population & Health Youth Summit on 26th Nov. 2016 at St. Mary’s College-Rushoroza-Kabale Municipality

As CPAUG concludes the celebrations of its 10  Anniversary in 2016, it wants to
use this summit to continue engaging the NMS to interact with the youth, teachers and parents in sharing information about general health-medicine, their responsibilities in line with the NMS mandate. In addition, as recommended by the General Manager, NMS that more schools be invited to participate in the future events, CPAUG is expecting at least 10 secondary schools in Kabale District Kigezi Region to participate in the Summit. The event is expected to attract around 400 students (teachers, parents and students).

The purpose of this activity is to continue engaging the youth in playing their role as
health promoters and community ambassadors as they constitute
population. The 2016 theme for the Youth Summit will be “The Role of NMS in achieving the Health SDGs and Uganda VISION 2040”.

Aims and Objectives:
a.  To share information with the students and / or youth about the work of NMS ;
b.  To rally the students in discussing health and population related issues as per the SDGs & Uganda VISION 2040;
c.  To inform the students about their health responsibilities in regards to medicine & Drugs; and
d.  To encourage the students in participating in any health promotion campaigns in and around their school communities;

This activity is made possible by the support of the GoU through the National Medical Stores (NMS) and it will be held on 26th Nov. 2016 in Kabale Municipality and Co-organized by Parental Roles in Values Empowerment (PROVE-Uganda)