Kampala, Uganda

Bio: CPAUG is a non-governmental organization founded in June 2005 and formally registered in Uganda in December 2005 as an NGO to promote the Commonwealth in Uganda and in April 2008 as a company limited by Guarantee. CPAUG is headed by an Executive Committee and is run by a Secretariat of four full time staff headed by the Executive Director. CPAUG in the last six (6) years has been implementing several programmes focusing on information advocacy with the target being young people in and out of school. The organization works in collaboration with key stakeholders in government, civil society, academia and the private sector. Its main source of funding is grants and donation complimented by membership fees and contributions from the directors. The main funders over the past have been DANIDA (2008), GoU represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2010), the Commonwealth Foundation (2008 & 2011), the UBUNTU Foundation (2009-2010), the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (2009), UCC (2007), UNDP Uganda (2008), NDA (2012). The GoU has been very supportive to our initiatives over the years. The main sectors of operation of CPAUG are: promoting of the values of the Commonwealth focusing on information advocacy. We do this through debates, workshops, lectures, mini-youth summits and seminars; promotion of the UN system (MDGs), the Commonwealth; areas of target being human rights, good governance, policy advocacy, youth empowerment, skills development through ICT4D, health systems (malaria and nutrition), climate change and the environment and network building and the target groups are mainly the youth in and out of school, rural women, local governments, private sector and the media. Its membership stands at 264 as per June 2012 both individual and institutions. CPAUG is working in Uganda and collaborates with other youth actors (NGOs) in the East African region (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi) and its been the lead NGO on taking stock of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Tunis 2005 outcomes and the Geneva 2003 Action Plan in Uganda since 2007 as a global coordinator of the UN GAID Community of Expertise on Youth Social Technopreneurship (GAID-CoE) http://www.un-gaid.org/tabid/929/Default.aspx since 2008 that replaced the WSIS Youth Caucus. http://www.facebook.com/commonwealthuganda

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