Commonwealth Association-Uganda to celebrate the World Drugs Day 2017 in Gulu District with the theme: “Listen First”

The Association shall join the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking that is globally held on 26 June each year. The event shall be held on 29th June 2017 in Gulu District targeting secondary school students at  Pope John Paul II College, Gulu District with a Drug and Substance Abuse student’s competition managed by the National Drug Authority (NDA).

As we commemorate the World Drugs Day 2017, care must be taken that the problem has become so rampant and our youth are the soft targets. Most of them think is cool to take drugs and as parents there is need to wake up and play our cardinal role of nurturing the youth. The UN has set 2019 as a target date to achieve measures that address demand and supply reduction, and to improve access to controlled medicines while preventing diversion; areas of human rights, youth, children, women and communities; emerging challenges, including new psychoactive substances; strengthening international cooperation; and alternative development all leading to the attainment of proportionate national sentencing policies and practices for drug-related offences, and features a strong focus on prevention and treatment.

According to the 2016 Word Drug Report, drug trafficking accounted to billions of dollars amounting to over $88 billion.  The same report states that studies done in some countries including Uganda have found that a range of narcotic drugs, psychoactive substances and other substances, such as opiates, khat, benzodiazepines and alcohol, contributed to wide reaching health, social and protection problems hence leading to mental health problems.

The purpose of the celebrations is to create awareness among the youth about the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.

To participate or contribute to the campaign contact

The Commonwealth Association –Uganda Email: or National Drug Authority (NDA) email: wats app: 256 712 001 199

See website:



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