The 4th UN Global Road Safety 2017 Campaign in Uganda launched, by State Minister for Transport, Uganda

State Minister for Transport, Hon. Vincent Bagiire calls for the promotion of safer and reliable road networks in Uganda to achieve middle income status. During the official launch of the 4 th UN Global Road safety 2017 campaign in Uganda with a theme save live, slowdown, the Minister of State for works highlighted the dangers of speed as the number one cause of road traffic injuries. He said that the government of Uganda as a signatory to the UN Decade of Action for Road safety, 2020 committed itself to the five pillars of the Decade and the country is making strides in improving the road networks to ease the movement pf goods and people inland and across borders but the focus must be put on having our road safe. Though Uganda’s loses 5% of its GDP due to road crashes, efforts are being made to see that the country continues to address such with efforts like Fika Salaama that since inception have yielded some results through the enforcing speed limits on key major highways this translating into change in the driver behavior while on the road.

Speaking at the same function, held on 26 th May, 2017 in Kampala, the WHO country representative Dr. Jack Abdoulie said that the UN has since the proclamation of the Decade been working with the Uganda government in providing technical support and this shall be continuous as road crashes have had far reaching consequences on achieving the global development goals. Dr. Abdoulie was impressed by the enthusiasm of young people by interesting themselves in the road safety campaigns. The function attracted several participants and it was graced by the team from the office of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Road safety that was carrying out a road safety performance review in Uganda after such assignment in Cameroon.

The national country campaign is led by members of the Civil Society coalition on Transport is running until November 2017, shall be covering 12 districts across the country focusing on the dangers of speed on the road for all users.

Co-authored by:
Kiapi K. Freddie, Tom Bumuheire & Sam Bambanza
Members of the Civil Society Coalition on Transport

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