CPAUG to host The 3rd Population & Health Youth Summit on 26th Nov. 2016 at St. Mary’s College-Rushoroza-Kabale Municipality

As CPAUG concludes the celebrations of its 10  Anniversary in 2016, it wants to
use this summit to continue engaging the NMS to interact with the youth, teachers and parents in sharing information about general health-medicine, their responsibilities in line with the NMS mandate. In addition, as recommended by the General Manager, NMS that more schools be invited to participate in the future events, CPAUG is expecting at least 10 secondary schools in Kabale District Kigezi Region to participate in the Summit. The event is expected to attract around 400 students (teachers, parents and students).

The purpose of this activity is to continue engaging the youth in playing their role as
health promoters and community ambassadors as they constitute
population. The 2016 theme for the Youth Summit will be “The Role of NMS in achieving the Health SDGs and Uganda VISION 2040”.

Aims and Objectives:
a.  To share information with the students and / or youth about the work of NMS ;
b.  To rally the students in discussing health and population related issues as per the SDGs & Uganda VISION 2040;
c.  To inform the students about their health responsibilities in regards to medicine & Drugs; and
d.  To encourage the students in participating in any health promotion campaigns in and around their school communities;

This activity is made possible by the support of the GoU through the National Medical Stores (NMS) and it will be held on 26th Nov. 2016 in Kabale Municipality and Co-organized by Parental Roles in Values Empowerment (PROVE-Uganda)


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