RE: #Day for Remembrance of Accident Victims 2016

Appeal #DayforRemembranceofAccidentVictims2016. If you have had or ever experience a road accident them its time to join the #SavekidLiveswithroadsafety campaign team in Uganda to give back and help the #roadaccidentsvictims in UG@54 from 15th-18th Nov. 2016.
The team shall be visiting Kawolo Hospital, Mulago and Nkozi but we need your help to donate or support us with medical suppliers and consumables to the victims & their families and the hospitals. Medical & sanitary like gloves, Gause, liquid soap, brushes, brooms, toilet papers, bed sheets, wool and consumables like sugar, bathing soap, are need for 30 families from each health facility. any donations both material and kid call 0414577017 or CISCOT Coordinator- Mr. Ahumuza J.Vianney; Tel:0779364080, Email: for details.

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