The Web We Want online Students Challenge UG 2015 kicks off on 16th Oct. 2015

As part of the World Telecommunications/ Information Society Day 2015 activities in Uganda, CPAUG as a lead CSO on taking stocking of the Geneva Action Plan 2003 and the Tunis 2005 Declaration of Principles and the outcome enshrined therein, is now proposing this activity as a means of reaching the youth and / or rural students to enhance their capacity and share with them information on ICT4D by hosting an ICT Youth Forum as earlier proposed to your institution.

Commonwealth Peoples’ Association of Uganda (CPAUG) is an NGO registered in
Uganda in December 2005 to promote the Commonwealth values in Uganda is desirous in complimenting the work of ICT actors as a medium of information sharing and follow-up to the past ICT4D Initiatives in Uganda facilitated by ITU, supported by the GoU through UCC, NITA-U and the ICT Ministry.

  1. The purpose of this activity is to share and educate the students in primary and secondary schools about the importance of Web We Want in education and how it impacts their career development. The School Challenge is to be launched in Uganda on in October at Masuliita SSS, Wakiso District as part of the ITU@150 Global activities with the theme: “Let the youth be social transformers through ICTs.”
  2. The students at Masuliita SSS drawn from form 5 shared their insgghts about the Web We Want and how it can change their lives. The CPAUG@10 lead by the Executive Director, Mr. Kiapi K. Frederick had a team of 9 Commonwealth ICT Volunteers (U-TECHs) who shared with the students how the Web can transform society and the way education is delivered. This project is faciliated by APC, NITA-U and Web We Want Foundaton-US

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