CPAUG@10 launches an online campaign to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. #KnowtheSGDs

To make them known, CPAUG@10 beginning 3rd September 2015 started an online education campaign for the 17 SGDs with the aim of having the global citizens mostly the youth get to know the SDGs through the social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook). CPAUG@10 will also use the traditional media newspapers to make the SDGs known and understood by all. Other foras will be educational lectures, presentations and information sessions beginning March 2016 in selected schools around the country.

Please comment and make your voice known about the SDGs and how your country can achieve them when they are adopted during the UN Summit in New York end of September, 2015.

Please select any goals that are relevant to your work and make a commitment to promote and achieve it by 2030.

For details please contact: use this hash tag: #KnowtheSGDs

CPAUG@10 Secretariat: Tel: 256 414 577 017 Email:


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