The 1st ever National Parental Forum (NPF) 2015

Theme: “Parents companioning the Spirit of Nation Building towards a transformed Ugandan Society by 2040”               

Date: 28th-29th Jan. 2015                                Venue: TBD

Introduction: CPAUG in partnership with PROVE-Uganda are now implementing The 1st ever National Parental Forum (NAPAF) as a way of building a stronger relationship with parents and other stakeholders in advocating for a critical mass towards issues that impend on the country’s socio-economic transformation process from a parental perspective. (Health, educ. Human trafficking, morale decay, drug & substance abuse, decision making participation, peer pressure, financial independence & discipline, etc…)

Parenting is one of the most challenging aspects of transforming a society and it presents to stakeholders new and existing opportunities that can be used as benchmarks by policy makers and bureaucrats. This forum hence is unique as it brings to the planning process of the country an element of parents participating in nation building from the home to the national level

Purpose: The purpose of this forum is to complement the GoU’s strategic interventions through a parental -Government PPP arrangement in Uganda. The forum will help to reinforce the country’s roadmap towards the Post 2015 Development Agenda, the NDP, VISION 2040 and other government intervention policies. This forum will coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family(IFY@20) The theme of the Year is “Family: resources and responsibilities in a changing world”. Its motto: “Building the Smallest Democracy at the Heart of Society” & CPAUG@10 Anniversary in 2015.

Objectives of NAPAF: the overall objective of NAPAF is to build a parental relationship between the State and other state actors in Uganda to achieve an all round national building block.

Other objectives are;-

  1. To reinforce parental roles at the national level
  2. To initiate a platform for parents to come and discuss national issues by 2018;
  3. To tap into the wealth of knowledge parents have in shaping the future of their children and the country; and
  4. To build a State-Parental trust by 2017 that will make Uganda a transformed country;

Proposed activities: These will include;-

A Family Fun Day Expo aiming at showcasing some development initiatives run by parents and / or families; A kids day out with lots of kid fun games, poems, live music, dance and drama, competitions, paintings, field racings, etc…; A parents forum with renowned speakers on family and parental matters in Uganda; and media campaign that will involve the use of both traditional and new media platforms. s

 Rationale for support: The lead partners will seek partnerships with key public and private sector players for support, in addition to raising some funds from the fees paid for the participation in the exhibition and the forum. Sponsorship sought will cover costs like media & publicity, hire of venue & conference facilities, travel, communication & stationery, honorarium, reporting, refreshments, entertainment and evaluation.

Lead Partner & Forum Secretariat @Kampala

Kiapi K. Frederick Executive Director -CPAUG

Plot 87 Bukoto Street, Kamwokya AT Oasis House

P.O. Box, 10358 Kampala

Tel. 256 414-577 017     Mob : (0704) 0776 642 494


F-commonwealthuganda/   Ugandaparentalforum

T-Ugcommonwealth /UGParentalforum

Alternate Focal Point

Tom Maani BAMUHEIRE -Chairman

PROVE-Uganda, Plot 545 Bukungulu –Jandda Zone, Namugongo- P. O. Box 21819 K’la

Tel: 256-774 483112

t-PROVE-Uganda f-PROVE Uganda


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