EfD Maternal and Newborn Child Health Competition

Enterprise for Development (EfD), is inviting you to enter our competition to support social enterprise solutions for the improvement of maternal and newborn child health in sub-Saharan Africa. EfD is a UK charity that promotes improved livelihoods and poverty reduction in Africa using social enterprise approaches (www.enterprisefordevelopment.org).
The objective of the competition is to identify and support healthcare practitioners in sub-Saharan Africa to implement sustainable and scalable social enterprise models for the improvement of maternal and newborn child health outcomes. The successful proposal(s) will receive a cash prize of up to $80,000 to be spent implementing a pilot scheme to demonstrate the virtues and feasibility of the concept in practice. If the pilot scheme is a success, EfD will then support the sponsors in mobilising additional funds to cover the start-up and initial capital costs to implement larger schemes among the wider target population.
Further information on the challenge, prize, process and timetable for the competition can be found in the attached document and here.
At this first stage of the competition, respondents are asked to submit a short concept note, outlining in broad terms how the proposed intervention will achieve cost effective, inclusive improvements in health outcomes for mothers and babies and deliver socially and financially sustainable outcomes for the communities they are intended to serve. A simple template for the concept note is attached to this email. Only concepts that are based on sustainable social enterprises (as described in the attached background information) should submit concept notes.  
Concept notes should be sent to info@enterprisefordevelopment.org before 14 November 2014. In advance of the submission date EfD will respond to queries by email and/or telephone, but will make answers provided to any one potential respondent available on the website to others.
We hope that you are interested in entering the competition and look forward to speaking with you over the coming weeks.

Matthew Cooper

Executive Manager

Enterprise for Development | 4th Floor, Peer House | London | WC1X 8LZ | Tel: +44 7540 772 861
matthew.cooper@enterprisefordevelopment.org | www.enterprisefordevelopment.org


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