CPAUG commemorates World Population Day in Mbale 15-07-14 @MCHS

CPAUG commemorates the 2014 World Population Day at Mbale Comprehensive High School with a lecture on “Population & Development: Vision 2040” on 15th July 2014

The students where told about Uganda’s Vision 2014 and what it means for them as young people in the next 30 years. at the end of the lecture they were give a question to write down 4 strategies they think Uganda can adopt to achieve Vision 2040.

See their take on Vision 2040

1. Government should intensify its fight against corruption;
2. Introduce practical subjects for students;
3. Policy on job creation among the youth should be formulated;
4. Science & technology should be promoted;
5. More sensitization about Vision 2040;
6. Improved infrastructure like roads to ease transportation of agric. produce;
7. Improved educational facilitates in schools;
8. Industrialization is the answer to reduce poverty and spur the agric. sector in Uganda;
9. Better health systems for the people;
10. Develop and nature a national value systems to change citizens mindsets towards their country-Uganda

The students were give the brochure about VISION 2040.


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