Commonwealth & Populations “Team Commonwealth” 2014 in Mbale

To reach out to young people in primary schools CPAUG continued to engage them to discuss issues pertaining to the Commonwealth and population on 14th July 2014 at Grace Primary school, in Mbale District. The theme was “Team Commonwealth” the 2014 Commonwealth theme.

This was our continued advocacy work on the Commonwealth In Uganda in 2014 and the students highlighted what they want the Commonwealth leaders to do to have quality populations in their countries with particular focus being on Uganda before CHOGM 2015 IN Malta.

1. Educating their people that is giving them quality education;
2. Discouraging Polygamous marriages to control high population growth rates;
3. Better family planning methods for poor families;
4. Strict laws on early marriages;
5. Provision of Better social services to the people;
6. Promotion of girl education
7. Sensitization to the people about the danger of high populations;





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