Uganda ranked 90th -WJP Rule of Law Index 2014

The just launched WJP Rule of Law Index 2014 ranks Uganda in the 90th position out around 99 country that participated in the survey. Several factors were determinants such as;-

Effectiveness of the institutional checks on government power by looking at the performance of legislative and judicial oversight, and independent auditing and review agencies, as well as the effectiveness of non-governmental oversight by the media and civil society, which serve an important role in monitoring government actions and holding official accountable; Absence of corruption among its institutions; extent to which the society has clear, publicized, accessible, and stable laws; whether administrative proceedings are open to public participation; and whether official information, including drafts of laws  and regulations, is available to the public;

Protection of fundamental rights in Factor 4, measuring how effectively countries uphold and protect a menu of rights and freedoms that are in line with international law;

 Under Order & Security, Uganda scored badly too in the 84th position meaning that;- criminality was high such as political violence and unrest,;

 On enforcement and regulation, being in 90th, the country was in 2013 the lack of effective regulatory practices, and none adherence to the rule of law;

 Pertaining to scored relatively well  with 0.48% focusing on the justice system performance accessible by all especially the poor;

 Overall, on the rule of law in Africa Uganda was ranked 15th below Ethiopia and above Nigeria an improvement from last year with Botswana at the top and Zimbabwe bottom.

 At 90th, Uganda ranks below the majority of countries in the region, with weakening performances across several dimensions of the rule of law. Government accountability remains relatively weak by regional standards (ranking 14th regionally and 81st globally), and administrative agencies are perceived to be inefficient and corrupt ranked 89th overall and 14th within the region. Protection of fundamental is weak and is deteriorating since last year (ranking 93rd), and crime and political violence, while improving slightly, remains a significant challenge court though relatively  independent, are under-resourced, slow, and inaccessible to most people.

Adopted from: WJP Rule of Law Index 2014



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