Web We Want handbook-Launch in Uganda -May 2014



The Commonwealth Peoples’ Association of Uganda (CPAUG) is to launch the Web We Want handbook in Uganda at Masuliita Secondary School-Kakiri in Wakiso District in May 2014 date to be communicated. This is part of our 2014 WTISD country activities in Uganda with the theme: “Broadband for sustainable Development.” 

The event is targeting around 600-800 student’s and teachers in Wakiso district. 

The web holds certain risks you must be aware of. The more well-educated you are about using online media, the better prepared you are to surf on the web.

With these ideas in mind, European Schoolnet, in cooperation with Liberty Global, Google and a team of young people like you, have created the Web We Want, an educational handbook for use by 13-16 year olds. The handbook challenges you to test your skills, learn more about your rights in the online world and to create tips and tools

This project is facilitated by Liberty Global, Insafe, INHOPE, EU, European Schoolnet and Google



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